Humidifier is a great appliance that can help create moisture in your home. Whether you live in a dry area, have allergies, want to protect your valuables and breathe better at night, a humidifier can help. A humidifier is usually attached to your HVAC so that you can easily control the humidity level in your entire home. Some basic benefits of having a humidifier and the right humidity in your home include:

-Protecting your wooden furniture from cracking.

-Preventing books, artworks and other documents from warping or shrinking.

-Relieve sinuses so that you can breathe better at night and throughout the day

-Prevents your throat from drying so that you can sleep better and snore less

-Decrease your nosebleeds

-Improve your dry hands, lips and face

-Helps indoor plants thrive

-Diminish static-shock

-Improves the air in your home so that you may save on your heating bill

These are just some of the many benefits of having a humidifier in your home. Whether you choose a Bypass Humidifier or Fan Powered Humidifier, you will be getting the same results and improving the humidity levels in your home. The main difference between the two types of humidifiers is the technology they use to move the air. Fan Powered

Humidifiers use a fan that is usually 110volt while Bypass Humidifiers need to have a duct connected to the humidifier which requires some work. Since bypass humidifiers require installation or additional duct they do tend to cost less than fan powered humidifiers which are easier to install. Some great humidifier manufacturers that are popular and affordable include GeneralAire, Honeywell and AprilAire.

While having a whole house humidifier means that you will provide the perfect moisture level to all areas of your home, you need to make sure that you also keep up with regular maintenance. If you want your humidifier to perform its best you need to change the water pads, also known as filters and panels, at least once a year. Some humidifiers might need the filter to be changed twice a year or if you have unfiltered water you might consider changing your panels more than once a year.

A humidifier is a great product to have in your home as it can help everyone breathe better, diminish dust and static electricity, even help your plants flourish in cold winter months. If you want to keep your humidifier for many years, make sure to close the seasonal damper during the summer or when the humidity levels are high.

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