Plenum Rated Condensate Pump

Plenum-rated condensate pumps are specialized pumps designed to remove condensate water produced by HVAC systems, and are certified for use in air handling spaces, such as plenums, where air is circulated as part of the HVAC system. A plenum is a space within a building that is used for the movement of air, often between walls, under structural floors, or above drop ceilings. These areas often contain air that is being circulated through the HVAC system and, therefore, have stricter fire codes and standards.

The term “plenum-rated” refers to the fact that the pump has been constructed and tested to comply with certain fire-safety standards. In many countries, including the United States, materials used in plenum spaces are required to be more fire-resistant and to produce less smoke when they do burn, as compared to materials used in other spaces.

Plenum-rated condensate pumps are specifically designed with these criteria in mind:

Fire Resistance: The materials used in plenum-rated pumps are often more fire-resistant than those in standard pumps. This is to prevent the pump from being a source of fuel in the event of a fire.

Low Smoke Production: If a fire does occur, the materials in a plenum-rated pump are designed to produce less smoke than typical materials. This is critical in air handling spaces where smoke could be rapidly distributed throughout a building.

Compliance with Standards: In the United States, plenum-rated products generally need to comply with the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Other countries have their own standards and regulations.

Using plenum-rated condensate pumps is important for both compliance with building codes and the safety of building occupants. These pumps are typically used in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and other structures where HVAC systems are prevalent and where safety regulations are particularly stringent.

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  • Hartell PlenumPlus A2-X-1965 DV Cast Aluminum Pump

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  • Hartell A3X-115 High Temp Condensate Pump 115 Volt

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  • Hartell A3X-277 High Temp Condensate Pump 277v

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  • Hartell A5X-460 High Temp Condensate Pump 460v

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  • CL201ULP Beckett Plenum Rated Condensate Pump 120volt

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  • Hartell A5X-230 High Temp Condensate Pump 230v

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  • Hartell A3X-230 High Temp Condensate Pump 230 Volt

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  • CP654ULHTSP Plenum Rated Condensate Pump 460V, 65 foot Max Lift

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  • CP651ULHTSP Large Plenum Rated Condensate Pump w/Safety Switch, 115V, 65 foot Max Lift

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  • CB504ULHTSP Large Plenum Rated Condensate Pump w/Safety Switch, 460V, 50 foot Max Lift

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  • CB502ULHTSP Large Plenum Rated Condensate Pump w/Safety Switch, 230V, 50 foot Max Lift

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  • CB501ULHTSP Large Plenum Rated Condensate Pump w/Safety Switch, 115V, 50 foot Max Lift

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