Hartell LTA-1 Sink Drain-Laundry Tray Pump


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Sink Drain-Laundry Tray Pump
Completely self-contained units that are easy to connect directly to laundry tray tubs. Lightweight and compact, these models eliminate reservoirs, traps, extra fittings and costly labor. The LTA-1 includes a pressure-activated switch that turns the pump on when water enters the tub.


  • Direct mount pump.
  • No traps or inlet piping required
  • No main stack vent connection required (N.S.P.C. Section 11.7.9, Check Local Codes
  • Fits under wet bars, kitchenettes, vanities, and utility sinks
  • Simple installation saves time
  • Takes up no floor space
  • Mounts directly to sink tailpiece.
  • Allows sink installation without breaking concrete to drain
  • Fits inside 24″ base cabinets.
  • 8′ cord and plug.
  • Lightweight and compact, these models eliminate reservoirs, traps, extra fittings,. and costly labor.
  • Includes a pressure activated switch that turns on the pump when water enters. the tub.
  • ABS high impact, corrosion resistant, plastic construction.
  • Pressure switch.
  • Takes up zero floor space.

Note : Actual flow will vary with line losses


Model LTA-1
Current 2.2 A
Voltage 115 V
Motor Power 1/8 hp
Motor Speed 1670 rpm
Head Size 14 ft
Discharge OD 1″ Male
Inlet Size 1 1/2 inches
Inlet Connection Type FNPT
Max. Lift 14 ft
Weight 15 lb
Flow Rate at Lift of 4″ 27.5 gpm
Flow Rate at Lift of 8″ 23.0 gpm
Flow Rate at Lift of 12″ 13.0 gpm
Flow Rate at Lift of 6′ 1560 gal/h
Flow Rate at Lift of 12′ 750 gal/h
Cord and Plug 8 ft
Auxiliary Switch No
20′ Tubing No
Shut off 14 ft
Reservoir Direct Mount
Max. Temperature 140 ºF
Unit Dimensions (W x D x H) 7″ x 8″ x 11″
Width 7 inches
Depth 8 inches
Height 11 inches

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 18 in

Pump Voltage



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