Gar-Ber R Epoxy-Coated Oil Filter Cartridge-(Case of 12)


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Use a Gar-Ber and end those UNWANTED CALLBACKS…because today, you can’t afford a second service call.

  • Recommended by leading boiler and burner manufacturers.
  • Provides preventive maintenance on all new installations and service contracts.
  • Eliminates needless callbacks due to clogged pumps and/or nozzles.
  • Uses pleated, resin-treated filter paper.
  • Ease and convenience of a spin-on/spin-off disposable cartridge.
  • Maximum firing rate:———————10 gph
  • Micron removal:————————–10
  • Filtering area:————————–500 sq. in.
  • Working pressure:————————15 psi
  • Flow rate:——————————-45 gph
  • Case lot:——————————–12
  • Case weight:—————————–12 lbs.
  • Replacement cartridge with epoxy coated canister Recommended on units with either single or double-line systems firing up to 10 gph.
  • Gar-Ber has epoxy-coated its cartridges to prevent water damage. As we all know, water is heavier than oil; Therefore, as oil approaches the pump it is trapped in the canister. Now, with epoxy-coated canisters and resin-treated paper, there is no need to worry about rusting or pitting of the filter canister, or deterioration of the filter paper.
  • A Gar-Ber fuel filter is the only sure way to prevent plugged nozzles and keep your system running smooth and trouble-free.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 6 in



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